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Brand new for 2022! This is the follow up to the original Baby Bantling file. If you haven’t already purchased that one, you do so first or this one won’t make much sense! Again, this is based off a custom request. Details below. “I’ve been wearing the bantling for a little bit of time now, and its been encouraging me and praising me for loosing my potty training, its been encouraging my drinking from bottles, sucking on my pacifier, and encouraging me to allow myself to be taken care of as a baby. However the Bantling has noticed that I often hesitate to indulge in diaper princess behaviors like playing with dolls, stuffies, playing dress-up (except for grown up dress up), and just being a silly dumb baby watching cartoons. Because the bantling is able to transform itself and its appearance it has a special affinity for encouraging dress up. It wants to compel me to dress up in babygirl dresses, cute onesies, footed PJs, and sometimes just a frilly pink diaper cover with baby booties and a pink t-shirt. In order to get me to just enjoy myself it knows that it needs to bring me back to the magic shop so that it can get some stuff to help encourage those behaviors and get me baby brained to prevent any resistance and to get me to relax and just enjoy myself because it knows I have a lot of trouble doing that. It gets me to Nicole’s magic shop and Nicole already knows what Bantling is trying to do. She helps convince me to try out a magic pink tiara, knowing that the pink color and magic nature of it will release my stresses and make me baby brained. Basically I want this session to encourage the silly girly babyish behaviors I’ve listed, because I find a lot of difficulty regressing sometimes and I’m finding myself extremely stressed.” This file contains background vocals and music to lull the listener into becoming a completely feminized diaper princess.


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