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Nicole was young and pretty and voluptuous, and her demeanor was unlike any therapist you’d ever encountered before. From the moment you’d set foot in her office, you felt compelled to obey this woman without question, as if she were an authoritarian teacher or governess and you were merely her pupil or young charge. The imbalance of power left you a little unsettled, but you had no desire to leave. In fact, you craved her control. Something about her presence felt so nurturing and peaceful. You wanted, needed more.

Of course, you had no idea she was going to regress you into diapers or take away your bladder control! By the time you even began to realize such a thing was happening, it was already too late. She’d dropped you deeply into a helpless trance-like state, stripped you from the waist down and securely fastened you into a thick diaper. What was supposed to be a cure for your anxiety quickly turns into accidental(?) age regression from which you may never recover.


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