Drift into a daydream~

Remember when you were younger and how easy it was to get lost in a daydream; fantasizing about all manner of heroic adventures or even just drifting along without a single care or concern? Well, with this session you can experience all those wonderful, relaxing sensations once again. Using the power of daydreams, I take you on a journey to the Nursery where I transform you into a diaper dependent little baby brain and the usual hijinks ensue!

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I am back!

I had a bit of an unexpected hiatus but I have returned with a brand new file for you all! Please check it out … Its called Mindless Baby and it really focuses on dropping you into deep regression and relaxation, encourages you to forget your potty training, becoming diaper dependent, wetting your diaper until it leaks, and deeply indulge in baby behaviors.

What have I been up to while I was gone? I’m glad you asked! I kind of got distracted working on making soaps for my soap shop. If you’re interested in trying some of my handmade soaps, you can purchase those here: Fox N Lupine Soap Co but no pressure, of course! I will be trying to return to my regular schedule moving forward. Hopefully y’all are doing well and haven’t forgotten me. <3

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A new baby game!

I meant to release this file much earlier but last week was absolutely bonkers for me so unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get to it until now. I hope you’ll find it worth the wait! In this fun session, I tease your mind, confusing you with whether or not to try to resist me for the sake of winning a game a helplessly regressed little baby can’t help but lose. Its all in good fun though and even if you lose, you win!

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Sapphic Files?

I decided to stray from my usual content a little bit with these two newest files. Check them out in the shop~

Fear not! Time to be Little and The Nursery aren’t going anywhere and I have plans for a brand new ABDL file very soon. I simply decided to share these here because I know I have many female listeners here and I thought some of you might be interested in these two files. If not, no worries! Feel free to skip them until I’ve released more of my usual content. <3

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Calling all crinklebutts!

Uh oh, what happened? Did you have a hard day at work? A hard week? Do you need to be cradled and coddled until you feel just so safe and small and loved? Poor little darling. Is the precious little baby gonna cry? I see that lip quivering … Sometimes you just need to be so very little. And you always need to be diapered.

Lucky for you, that’s what my latest adult baby trance training session is all about! You’ll get to feel so little, so safe, so loved and of course you’ll be diapered and trained to think and act just like a baby~ Perhaps best of all, you’ll get to learn how to fully express big feelings, just like silly dumb little babies do, instead of having to bottle them up all the time, the way boring old grown-ups have to!

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Two New Files~

This first file is a fun little humiliating short-story about wetting your pants in a very public setting. No actual diaper wearing or changing but definitely lots of regrets about NOT wearing a diaper, I’m sure!

Diaper Dreamland is a full trance session focusing primarily on gentle nurturing and teasing you down into a regressed state of mind. Ideal for anyone who is just feeling stressed and overwhelmed by having to deal with adult life and needing to get into little space for awhile. Lots of suggestions for bedwetting, diaper wetting, baby behaviors as well as a lot of baby-talk and “little” affirmations to really help you achieve and maintain a soft, innocent headspace.

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Sleepy Little Bedwetter

I found some lovely new lullaby music and absolutely *had* to create a session for my precious little ones to drift off to sleep to. This one starts off with some light teasing and includes a little bit of hinting at spanking in public (only if absolutely necessary, of course! but you’re such a good little baby, that would never happen, now, would it?) but mostly its focused on guiding you into relaxation, regression, feeling sleepy and comfortable and relaxed enough to wet your diaper/wet the bed as you drift off to dreams.

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Sissy Diaper Princess

I love my princess babies. Whether or not you were born with princess parts, I love having the power to transform you into a princess! Especially a sissy diaper princess. <3

There’s just something kind of magical about dressing you up in ribbons and bows, cute lacey dresses and frilly panties over your crinkly diapers, turning you into my own little living dolly!

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Accidental(?) Age Regression (Unethical Therapy)

This file starts out sounding kind of like a narration about the subject (you) struggling with intense anxiety/panic attacks and trying out weird Internet cures until you find yourself in the office of an unusual (and of course, unethical) therapist, Nicole Dosei. Don’t worry though, I quickly move things along, so you get to experience a deep trance where I sneak the regression up on you. It isn’t super obvious at first. (And it isn’t meant to be!) But once you’re aware of it, it’s too late to try to resist. You’re already in too deep so you may as well enjoy the ride!

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