Good news, darlings! I’ve decided once again to offer custom sessions. Please read carefully below before contacting me regarding your own custom mp3. I look forward to working with you to create something special just for you!

While you are more than welcome to provide your own script, the same rules apply for custom files as do for anything else I record. (Please click here if you are unfamiliar with the rules.) If you don’t want to write your own script, that’s perfectly alright too, of course. Just please remember that boundaries are important. I’ve stated mine. You are also encouraged to share yours. The more detailed your description of what you’re looking for in your session, the better I’ll be able to create it for you!


$10 per minute – 20 minute ($200) minimum

Each additional vocal layer is $5 per minute.

Background music is $2.50 per minute.

Payment is required upfront and I usually take about a week to complete the file. If its
going to take longer than that, I would of course, let you know.

So, you’re ready to proceed, you know what you want … How do you go about ordering a custom session? Contact me via email at with your request. Make the subject line “Custom Session Inquiry” and be sure to include the length desired, your detailed description or script, whether or not you want background vocal layers and/or music, etc. Remember, the more details, the better. Also remember to include which email address you would like me to send your invoice to.

Once we’ve reached an agreement on exactly what will go into your mp3, I will send you an invoice. This is due immediately. After the invoice has been paid, I will get to work and you will receive the completed file via WeTransfer within 7-10 days. Should something come up that prevents me from completing the file within that time frame, I will contact you via email and let you know. I do not leave anyone in the dark, wondering where their files are!