I wanted to write a quick note expressing my gratitude. I tend not to talk too much about my personal life online but these past few years have been incredibly abundant for me; full of both good and terrible things. Of course there was the worldwide pandemic that we all endured together, each facing individual daily battles in addition to the stresses and concerns of the pandemic itself. I lost my mother, overcame one of my own chronic illnesses, moved into a house (FINALLY) and was able to resume my education. Talk about a roller coaster ride!

I never thought I’d be pursuing a degree in the medical field but here I am and much of that is thanks to all of you who have supported and encouraged me. I know I’m not around as much and my files are becoming more sporadic as I attempt to keep up with my endeavors in the Nursery and my homework but I haven’t forgotten any of you and I very much appreciate your continued encouragement and support.

My eventual goal is to become a midwife and hospice nurse. This has really become a passion of mine over the past several years and while I fully intend to maintain a prescense online for as long as I’m able, I feel strongly driven to use my compassion and newfound health to give back to my community and serve with a medical team that provides care specifically to those who are underpriviledged and in especial need.

Thank you so so much for continuing to be the most wonderfully patient, kind and generous beans anyone could ever know. I appreciate each and every one of you. <3

xo, Nicole

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  • Wonderful news. I am glad to hear you are doing so well. Well wishes for your study and new career.

  • So many great updates! Glad to hear you are doing well! 😄I can definitely see you becoming an amazing midwife and hospice nurse. The care and presence you’ve given so many of us who’ve spent time at the nursery has likewise been life altering. I am thankful, and feel like I have been able to resolve some real unspoken need / trauma when being little. Thank you so much for holding this space! I also have other loved ones in my life to thank who have been with me on this journey, but ttbl holds a special place in my heart, a direct path to calming anxieties, being less self-conscious, and inspiring other forms of self care. While here, I came out as a trans woman and nothing has been the same since. There is an ease and joy to life now that is confounding and wonderful and it inspires me to imagine a world with more love, a world with my love and presence. I grew up with this insatiable need to regress and be a baby, thought it was wrong, but it was actually right for me. For some reason, I haven’t had that need nearly as much since coming out. After spending something like three years in the nursery, I feel like I’ve grown and accepted the baby in me and now other parts of me can grow too. Thanks for following your joy as well Nicki! Best of luck in school! Your future patients are very fortunate.

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