Two new fun files to start this week off right!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I am still getting settled into my new place but I made time to create a couple of fun new files for you all!

The first is a little flirtier than my usual, actually reinforcing some of y’all’s obsession with my cleavage/breasts, encouraging you to cuddle with and stare at my cleavage as you regress into little space. This is a very comforting, nurturing session, featuring both metronome and heartbeat sound affects in addition to my usual lullaby background music.

The second is all about reinforcing how happy and good it feels to just be little and to indulge in all your adult baby behaviors, especially wearing diapers/nappies, bedwetting, drinking from bottles and generally being treated like a helpless little baby. Sometimes its nice to just play and really submerge yourself in positive reinforcement and that’s what I felt like doing with this session.

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  • Thankyou for helping me fall back into the comfort of little space. Hoping so much that there is another baby girl file round the corner.

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