This file is definitely different than my usual, perhaps a little darker? I’m not sure. It was still fun (for me) and I’ve already got ideas for a follow up so keep an eye out for that if you enjoyed listening to this one!

I’ve been trying to use Clips 4 Sale’s monthly themes as a sort of prompt for my ABDL files but its not always an easy task. April’s theme has been bondage and fortunately ABDL and bondage do kind of go together so that’s been cool. But here’s the thing … May’s theme is Anime and 1) I’ve never actually watched *any* anime at all. so 2) I have no idea how to incorporate anime into ABDL. If any of you have any suggestions, please feel free to drop those into my inbox.

June’s theme is even more confusing, and I may skip it altogether and just go freestyle. Ha! (Jiggle? JIGGLE? Do diapers jiggle?) Great, now I’ve got that TikTok song stuck in my head. My diapers don’t jiggle jiggle, they fold~

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