I didn’t get my files! NOW WHAT?!

First of all, don’t panic.

I’ve been using an automated delivery system so chances are you did receive some kind of an email and the links were broken or you were told there was no file to be downloaded. Its okay. I know. The system itself is broken right now and I’m trying to figure out how to fix that.

In the meantime, please simply forward a copy of your entire receipt (not just your transaction ID) to me at (This is very important!) and be sure to let me know which file or files you did not receive. I will try to get back to you within 24 hours. If you have not heard from me within that time, try again. Sometimes I miss things or I get sick or real life happens. I’m just one woman but I do my best. <3

Please do not spam me with multiple emails every couple of hours. And DO NOT keep purchasing the same file over and over again. I am not going to refund you for multiple purchases after I have delivered the file. (Throwing a tantrum is NOT how babies get Nanny Nicole to give them what they want. :p) I know it can be difficult to wait but cluttering up my inbox just makes it more difficult for me to efficiently and quickly respond. I promise you, I will respond and I will send your files. When I do send your files, I will use a service called “WeTransfer” and the files will be available for download for 7 days.

I appreciate your patience and all of your support. Without you, there would be no reason for me to continue creating these files. Thank you so, so much!

♡ Nicole!