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Brand New for 2021!

You receive a vague email with a date and time for a clinic and show up to get your vaccination but not all is as it seems. You’re feeling quite anxious about the jab but your nurse sweetly introduces herself as Nicole and assures you that she knows techniques and tricks to help with any anxiety you might have. All you have to do is change into a diaper and lie on down on this cot, closing your eyes and obeying her simple instructions …

The next thing you know, you’ve been transformed into a helpless little baby and there’s a clock ticking down as your bladder becomes heavier and heavier, more and more full until you have no choice but to fill that diaper!

The longer you lie on this cot, the further your thoughts seem to drift away as well. You begin to feel less and less like the anxious adult you were when you came in here and more and more babyish with each passing moment. You begin to wonder, as much as you can wonder, what was in that syringe? Was it only the standard vaccination or was there something more? You’ve never had to wear a diaper before when being vaccinated … What’s going on here?!

♡ Nicole

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Bound and Deeply Regressed

You awaken to find yourself diapered and bound to a crib in an unfamiliar place. A young woman introduces herself as your Care Giver and Nanny. She explains that this is an age regression training facility and you’ve checked yourself in, on the verge of a nervous breakdown. You requested the strictest possible training program and so far you’ve proven yourself to be one of the very best subjects she’s ever had.

All the while, you can’t argue or ask any questions because your mouth of gagged with a pacifier. All you can do is listen and obey as she changes your diaper, tends to your every need and begins your next training session; regressing you and reprogramming your mind so that you are the happiest you’ve ever been, thinking and acting like a baby, doing all the things that babies do.

Is this your life now? Will you simply spend the rest of your days with Nanny Nicole at the training facility? One this is for sure, you’ll be the very best, the absolute happiest, silly dumb little baby that she’s ever had!

♡ Nicole

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