Diapered by a Dark Fae

Brand new for 2022!

You awaken to find yourself captive in Dosei Manor, held prisoner by a woman you thought was your friend. As it turns out, she’s actually a dark fae witch, capable of easily overpowering you despite being deceptively small. She’s read your mind, discovered your deepest secrets and plans to use your desires against you. Of course, you try to resist, only to find yourself soundly punished and put in your place before the wicked little fae overwhelms your body and mind, transforming you into the helpless silly dumb little baby you (always) wanted to be.

Includes: background music, spanking sound effects, resistance, subliminal reprogramming

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Price: $17.99 USD
Length: 19 minutes
Size: 44 MB

Bratty Babygirl ABDL Bedtime Story

Brand new for 2022!

In this ABDL bedtime story, your good friend Nicole decides to drop in for a surprise visit only to catch you red-handed, playing with baby toys and dressed in a frilly pink dress and matching diaper! (This file is gender neutral so its perfect for baby girls of all orientations!)

Rather than being put off by this discovery, Nicole is immediately amused and delighted, much to your chagrin and humiliation. And what a bratty baby you are, resisting every step of the way until finally your new nanny is given no choice but to put you over her knee for an old fashioned spanking!

Will your behavior improve or will you continue to be a bratty baby girl?

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Price: $28.79 USD
Length: 31minutes
Size: 72 MB

Unethical Therapy: Diapered Delinquent

Brand new for 2022!

You’ve been quite the trouble maker lately and before you know it, you find yourself sentenced to a unique facility for out of control elements of society. Once there, you meet a doctor who plans to cure your delinquency once and for all.

“I specialize in a controversial new technique that involves regressing delinquents like you back to a much younger, more innocent frame of mind so you can be retrained from the ground up. Of course, there are some who simply don’t have what it takes to finish the program. I’m afraid they end up being regressed for life but that’s perfectly alright. We have a state of the art facility called The Nursery with a highly trained staff of Nannies, Nurses and Care Givers on the off chance that happens. Either way, you won’t be causing anymore problems.”

Includes coerced diaper dependency, age regression, bedwetting, bondage, and more.

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Price: $25.19 USD
Length: 27 minutes
Size: 63 MB

Baby Camp Bedtime Story

Brand new for 2022!

Fun little bedtime story featuring YOU and your girlfriend, Nicole taking a trip to a special camp just for adult babies! Nicole decides to be your Caregiver/Nanny for the entire week, preparing bottles of formula, changing your wet diapers and tucking you into your crib whenever you get sleepy. Sometimes you try to be a naughty baby but your loving Nanny finds unique and clever ways to keep you in line until its finally time to come back home.

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Price: $14.39 USD
Length: 15 minutes
Size: 10 MB

Mommy’s Little Monster

Brand new for 2022!

My final file for the Spooky season~

It isn’t fair that all the really fun stuff for Spooky Season seems to exclude grown ups, is it little one? I know. But here in the nursery, there are special nooks and crannies and places where *anything* is possible, even trick or treating in a special neighborhood just for Care Givers and their silly dumb babies like you!

Of course, its impossible for you to make the entire evening without wetting your diaper. In fact, by the time your bucket is full of of candy and treats, your diaper is full and sagging too. Will we make it back to the nursery in time to get your changed before there’s a leak?! And what happens after you get changed into a fresh clean one? You’ll probably just end up doing what all silly dumb little babies do … Lucky for you, I’m right here to take care of you all night long.

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Price: $20.69 USD
Length: 22 minutes
Size: 30 MB
Format: MP3

Baby’s Fright Night

You stayed up watching scary movies and now you’re having nightmares! Oh no! In fact, you were *so* scared, it looks like you might have accidentally wet the bed. Oopsie! Guess Nanny Nicole is going to have to get you all changed into a fresh new crinkly diaper before tucking you back into bed~

This session includes a diaper change, humiliating baby talk, deep regression, lucid dreaming (just in case you have *more* nightmares) and intense programming to help you sleep so deeply you can’t help but wake up to an even wetter bed in the morning! That’s just what happens to silly little babies who try to stay up and watch scary grown up movies.

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Price: $21.59 USD
Length: 23 minutes
Size: 29 MB
Format: MP3

Baby Bantling 3 – Haunted Whispers

Brand new for 2022!

Another file for the Spooky season~

Your magical enchanted Bantling takes over for this session, alternating between speaking directly to you and whispering in your left and right ears. (Yes, wear stereo headphones for this session please.) She’s regressing whether you like it or not, programming you, taking full control and playing mind games hat you love and cannot resist.

Is the Bantling getting out of hand though? Is it time to take her back to the magic shop where got her? After all, you did buy her from a witch. Well, good luck getting any of *that* accomplished while you’re just a bedwetting, diaper wearing helpless little baby!

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Price: $23.39 USD
Length: 25 minutes
Size: 25 MB
Format: MP3

Baby Bantling (Princess Version) 2

Brand new for 2022!

This is the follow up to the original Baby Bantling file. If you haven’t already purchased that one, you do so first or this one won’t make much sense! Again, this is based off a custom request. Details below.

“I’ve been wearing the bantling for a little bit of time now, and its been encouraging me and praising me for loosing my potty training, its been encouraging my drinking from bottles, sucking on my pacifier, and encouraging me to allow myself to be taken care of as a baby.

However the Bantling has noticed that I often hesitate to indulge in diaper princess behaviors like playing with dolls, stuffies, playing dress-up (except for grown up dress up), and just being a silly dumb baby watching cartoons.

Because the bantling is able to transform itself and its appearance it has a special affinity for encouraging dress up. It wants to compel me to dress up in babygirl dresses, cute onesies, footed PJs, and sometimes just a frilly pink diaper cover with baby booties and a pink t-shirt. In order to get me to just enjoy myself it knows that it needs to bring me back to the magic shop so that it can get some stuff to help encourage those behaviors and get me baby brained to prevent any resistance and to get me to relax and just enjoy myself because it knows I have a lot of trouble doing that.

It gets me to Nicole’s magic shop and Nicole already knows what Bantling is trying to do. She helps convince me to try out a magic pink tiara, knowing that the pink color and magic nature of it will release my stresses and make me baby brained. Basically I want this session to encourage the silly girly babyish behaviors I’ve listed, because I find a lot of difficulty regressing sometimes and I’m finding myself extremely stressed.”

This file contains background vocals and music to lull the listener into becoming a completely feminized diaper princess.

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Price: $27.89 USD
Length: 30 minutes
Size: 35 MB
Format: MP3

Boyfriend to Babygirl

Brand new for 2022!

Created from a custom request~


I am considering commissioning a custom session (that you could then sell if you want as it’s nothing specific.  It would be a 20 minute session with a second layer starting about 4-5 minutes in so should be around $145.

General Synopsis

Arriving at your girlfriend’s house where she promised to clean off your nails (painted a pretty pink during a party the night before where you fell asleep) of course this doesn’t happen right away as she notices your unkempt hair that needs to be brushed, and then put into cute high on the head pigtails. Noticing this and shaking your head she calms you down because it was just too cute and she couldn’t resist, in fact there is just one more piece that she just has to try as she tugs the pigtails through the back of a bonnet, as she ties the bonnet under your chin the second track starts up telling your mind to relax (as tiny speakers in the bonnet start up), be a good diaper princess etc. as she then begins to coax you into a frilly baby dress, bondage…er cute mittens, a diaper, and finally locking the whole process in as she closes the 5 snaps combining both the underlying track and the girlfriend (now au pair) talking about how soon you’ll be the cutest little princess and how she has so many more diapers and outfits.

Finally during the last couple of minutes it’s time for a bottle and falling asleep with some discussion as to how once your asleep you’ll be a cute little diaper princess forever, wetting your diaper and being taken care of.”

Of course, I took this idea and ran with it. Such a fun little file to produce! I hope you love it as much as I do!

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Price: $18.89 USD
Length: 20 minutes
Size: 27 MB
Format: MP3

Diaper Change at the Mall

Brand new for 2022!

Hello, little one. I want to help you relax and regress. I want to take you on an adventure in your own mind. And I want to play with you. Just a little. If that’s alright. Does that sound like fun to you? Yeah? Good. All you have to do is listen to my voice and follow my suggestions. Don’t worry. I’ll keep everything as simple as I can. I know you’re just a silly dumb little baby, after all.

I’m going take you down nice and deep, into a world of imagination, where you regress more and more deeply, becoming more and more helpless until you’re just a silly dumb little baby who has to do whatever I say.  Once you’re wrapped around my little finger, instead of heading straight to the nursery, I’m going to put you in a diaper and take you on an adventure to the mall!

We’re going to a special shop where you’ll get to create your very own stuffed plushie to love. You’ll name it, dress it and everything as if it were YOUR baby and when you get too distracted to remember to use the potty, don’t worry. I’ll just have to change your diaper right there in front of everyone!

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Price: $18.89 USD
Length: 20 minutes
Size: 23 MB
Format: MP3