Baby’s Fright Night

You stayed up watching scary movies and now you’re having nightmares! Oh no! In fact, you were *so* scared, it looks like you might have accidentally wet the bed. Oopsie! Guess Nanny Nicole is going to have to get you all changed into a fresh new crinkly diaper before tucking you back into bed~

This session includes a diaper change, humiliating baby talk, deep regression, lucid dreaming (just in case you have *more* nightmares) and intense programming to help you sleep so deeply you can’t help but wake up to an even wetter bed in the morning! That’s just what happens to silly little babies who try to stay up and watch scary grown up movies.

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Price: $21.59 USD
Length: 23 minutes
Size: 29 MB
Format: MP3

Dreamland Nursery

Brand new for 2022!

Special request!

“Any chance you could make diaper wetting file for the night time.

Ending with the words: when you awake in the morning you will be your 

bigger self again but for now good night my baby and sleep well.”

Specifically for anyone struggling to fall asleep or who just wants to feel little/explore little space while they’re asleep, this mp3 focuses on regressing you while you’re asleep, allowing you to resume feeling like an adult when you awaken. Full of vivid dream imagery and guided mediation for peaceful dreams as well as bedwetting and baby/little space suggestions.

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Price: $29.69 USD
Length: 32 minutes
Size: 48 MB
Format: MP3

Lucid Dreams: Dream Nursery

Inspired by special request!

“I’m wondering if you could create a file that entertains “dream-states?” I’ve awoken some days from the most exquisite diaper dreams, and its such a bummer I have trouble accessing that dream more regularly. It would be extraordinary to awaken in my dreams each night as a baby. Could hypnosis help with this?”

In this session, I use powerful trance techniques to guide you into a dream like state where I encourage you to relax and regress and to create your own ideal dream nursery. I incorporate lucid dreaming techniques into the trance so that you retain conscious control over the dream whilst surrendering subconscious control to me, regressing to a younger and younger mental state where bedwetting and babyish behaviors are the norm and you need your au pair to take care of you.

At the very end, instead of a count up to awaken you, there is a count down to draw you even more deeply into the dream state so you may continue to sleep and dream of your ideal nursery. Includes post trance suggestions to help you continue to develop those lucid dreaming skills.

♡ Nicole

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Price: $22.94 USD
Length: 26 minutes
Size: 31 MB
Format: MP3