Little Diaper Princess

Brand New for 2022!

You came to my apartment but you couldn’t hold your peepee on the way over and now you’ve wet your pants like a silly dumb little baby! I answer the door giggling, teasing you about not being a real man and you admit that you’re NOT a real man so, of course I decide to get you straight up onto my changing table, get you out of those icky wet grown up clothes, put you into a diaper and transform you into a silly dumb little baby just because I can.

But that’s not all. I’ve already got you wrapped around my little finger and we both know you love to do whatever I say. Nothing makes you happier than listening to my voice and obeying my commands so I decide to take things even further, regressing you and transforming you into a sweet little diaper princess. But it seems you have a hard time keeping your wandering hands out of your diaper and off your dolly so I do what I have to and lock you up in bondage mittens, making you even MORE helpless and dependent on me!

Don’t worry though, sweetheart. Don’t I always take such good care of you?

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Diaper Acceptance Baby Training

You’ve tried to deny it but something keeps you crawling back to the nursery again and again. You’re a diaper wearing, bedwetting little baby, aren’t you sweetheart? Yes, you are! And each time you try to resist my suggestions, try to deny my rules, you find yourself right back in the same position all over again. And this time is no different.

I’m not upset, of course. I think its kind of cute that you try so hard to escape the nursery. But for a bedwetter like you, there is no escape. Don’t worry, darling. Nanny Nicole is here to help you. I’ll train you love your diapers just like I trained you to wet the bed. Before you know it, you’ll crave wearing diapers even more than you (secretly) do already! And if you end up having a few accidents or becoming more deeply regressed into a baby brained little dummy, well, I guess these things happen, don’t they?

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