Resist Regression

In this ABDL trance training session, we’re going to do things a little differently. Read this description very carefully prior to purchasing, little one. I only want you to listen to this file if you feel confident in your ability to resist my powerful suggestions and become a big boy again. That’s right. I want you to try to resist me. I’ll even help you. I will train you to resist my voice. If you fail, you will end up even more helplessly regressed than ever before, of course but if you succeed you might just make your escape from Mommy’s nursery after all.

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Price: $15.29 USD
Length: 17 minutes
Size: 20 MB
Format: MP3

One thought on “Resist Regression

  1. KleinerMax (@KleinerMax1) says:

    love this audio. everyone should try it, but just after you made it, so that Mommies voice will get you sleepy and pass out here and there. try to reach that state with other audios and buy this one. Way more fun, pinky promise ^_^

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