Mommy’s Baby

Listen to this short but intense age regression mp3 on a loop as you fall asleep and have the sweetest of baby dreams. Become mentally transformed into a helpless, feminine little baby with absolutely no control over yourself or your bladder as Mommy Nicole teaches you how to experience all the wonderful sensations that little do. Find yourself falling deeper and deeper under Mommy’s control as you regress further and further with each and every word you hear. That’s right, sweetie pie. You’re Mommy Nicole’s very good little boy now and you will be until Mommy decides otherwise.

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Price: $14.99 USD
Length: 20 minutes
Size: 19 MB
Format: MP3

2 thoughts on “Mommy’s Baby

  1. James Lloyd says:

    Mommy Nacol Dosie I love all your hypnosis audio but I can’t do wetting anymore I’m on a catheter in my stomach and a bag all the other stuff I enjoy alot sorry and I can’t make love to woman because I have very inlargin prostate why I have to use a catheter . and I’m 63years old. but very big baby boy anyways never grow up I had many things happen to me that trun my mind other way around or something else in side effects my head but you help me with this and put me in so I can felt as myself thank you so very much ❤️💕❤️💗♥️♥️😍💕 take care of yourself ❤️ cutee.beathful woman

    • American Au Pair says:

      You will always be safe to never grow up here! No matter how “big” you get or what happens to your body, when you come to the nursery, you can regress as much as you want and be as safe and small as you would like to be.

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