Bedwetting Training Series 02

Bedwetting Training Series 02 – Original Release 2018

This is an ABDL trance training series specifically for those who are new to the scene or those who have struggled with achieving full bedwetting results in the past. It starts up slow and progresses to a full unlearning of potty training. You can progress (or regress!) as far as you like.

In this session, I build on the first session, training you to relax your entire body but especially your bladder, as you listen to Mommy’s voice. Session includes lots of gentle reassurance and encouragement all woven seamlessly through a genuine trance therapy script to set you on the path for REAL results! Please note: the suggestion to wet yourself is part of this session, however it may or may not take affect right away. I recommend you wear a diaper when you listen just to be on the safe side!

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Price: $15.29 USD
Length: 17 minutes
Size: 16 MB
Format: MP3

2 thoughts on “Bedwetting Training Series 02

  1. Baby Ash says:

    Nanny I’m soooooo excited that I founded yous!!! I have had twouble wif hypnosis in da pasts. But I found you on clips4sale. I tried this progam (starting wif one like a good baby) amd I wetted during the recording!!! Dats never happened before! I was a wittle confused and uncomfy w9f da panties, but I gots them anyways… imma more tomorrow!!!

    What are good ones to start wif? I saw dat alot of thems talk about triggers and was wondering what ones are good for starting my training????

  2. littlebabieash says:

    I dont know if my wast comment mades it. But I wanna say fank yous for da files… I wetted on da first wisen. And i never dids that before!!! I wisned to 1 first cuase Imma good boy. I was a wittle uncomfy wif da panties but I boughteded thems and wore thems like I was sopse to.

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