Baby in the Boardroom

You’ve been working so hard lately, under an immense amount of pressure to get things done. There’s a new girl at the office and you’re definitely interested but you simply don’t have time for a crush. You’re exhausted both physically and mentally, almost certainly burning out but how can you possibly rest when your company is counting on you?

One morning you come into work, not noticing the mysterious bottle on your desk until you’ve consumed nearly the entire contents after mistaking it for your usual morning energy drink. What happens next will change your life, possibly forever and you just may find time to spend with your crush after all …

Includes: covert age regression, physical weakness, ABDL fantasy in the workplace, a crush on your secretary, Mommy Domme, progressive relaxation, singing lullabies, diaper wetting, baby formula, breast milk, conversational trance

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Price: $24.64 USD
Length: 28 minutes
Size: 33 MB
Format: MP3

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