Age Regressed Baby Girl – Twenty Four Hours

Brand New for 2022!

There’s only one reason for you to purchase this mp3 and that’s if you want to be a baby girl. Do you want to become a baby girl, sweetheart? Yeah? Pay close attention to which of these four files you purchase. This particular version transforms you into a baby girl for twenty four hours after you awaken!

Still here? That means you want to be a baby girl! Aw, that’s so cute. No need to be shy about it, of course. I know all about your not so secret desires. You never could keep a secret from me.

And that’s alright. I don’t mind. Oh no. I don’t mind one little bit dressing you up in frilly little dresses, putting diapers on you, feeding you from a bottle and making you the cutest little girl ever. Not one little bit.

Its the easiest thing in the world for me to transform you into whatever I wish; even a sweet little baby girl. That’s just what I’m going to do too. That’s right. I’m going to get rid of anything that makes you a boring old grown up or a smelly dirty stinky baby boy and make you over completely.

You’ll love wearing a diaper and a frilly dress, once you’re regressed fully. I’ll strap you into your high chair and feed you soft foods and bottles full of formula. You’ll be given pacifiers and rattles and baby toys to play with and of course no more potty for you as you’ll be going potty in your diaper. That’s right. No more big boy pants. You don’t need them anymore. Oh, we’re going to have so much fun!

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One thought on “Age Regressed Baby Girl – Twenty Four Hours

  1. Heather says:

    I’ve been listing to Au Pair Nicole’s hypnotic training on and off for probably the past three years. This is by far the most surreal experience I’ve had and I think so much of my training has built up to this moment. I trust Nicole’s voice and admittedly have underestimated her power over me up to this point. I think a combination of that trust and very little expectation is what allowed me to go deep on this one. What follows might contain a little too much personal information I but no spoilers, I promise! As an aside, I don’t even remember what is said or done in the audio; I have broad recollections of the hypnosis but all the details get a little blurry. All this is to say: I had a really remarkable experience and am compelled to share more and listen again.

    Circumstantially, the stars just seemed to align for me. My family was out of town, work was caught up and could be held at bay. It was literally freezing outside. No one expected anything out of me and there was no place I needed to be for the next day. And so I seized this rare moment. I didn’t overtly plan to listen to this hypnotic session but as the evening progressed it became clear what I would be doing.

    My evening began as a typical end of week relaxation routine. I put some music on, had a drink, prepared a full meal, and watched a Disney movie. Towards the end of the movie I ate about a quarter of an edible. Now, I don’t really do drugs that often but this was a gift from a coworker. I had been complaining about some stomach pain issues, and he presented me with these little cookies as a belated Christmas gift. Since receiving them the cookies had mostly just been hanging out in my freezer. Tonight felt like as good a time as ever to try one and so I did.

    I carried on as normal, cleaning up the house a bit, shaving, and bathing. I still wasn’t really feeling any noticeable effects from the cookie when I got out of the bath. “No big deal,” I thought. I just carried on doing what I would’ve done in the first place. I tried on an assortment of women’s items until finding something I looked kind of fancy in. Some lacy black panties with a t shirt that exposed my mid-drift as I walked. I put in a small plug and got ready for bed. I think it was around this time when the cookie started to kick-in. I found myself on TTBL and proceeded to download this session while really high. I had a wonderful time just trying to remember how to use the computer and feeling like Au Pair Nicole was playing around by offering four of the same session! LOL. I really did feel like a dumb little baby.

    My inhibitions just seemed to evaporate and I expected the session to work. I was actually out of diapers, so I put on what I did have: some old plastic pants filled with folded towels. It wasn’t the cutest image, but it didn’t really matter. The submissive baby feelings were there and that was enough. I knew if I made a mess, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal and so I relaxed. I drank some water, curled up with my stuffy giraffe and paci and cued up this file along side about 7 different sessions.

    I’ve never heard Miss Nicole’s words as I did that night. I realize now that there are so many subtle suggestions sprinkled between this and other files that build on one another. The inductions are original and if you play along, they actually relate to the type of experience you’ll be having. The cadence and rhythm and volume of Miss Nicole’s voice expertly changes throughout her hypnosis to reinforce layers of suggestion And depending on your psychological space, Miss Nicole’s words can have a variety of meanings. I think this is where she leaves other dommes behind. Au Pair Nicole does not just dominate your mind, a la clichĂ©. She creates a very specific space for you and you get to fill that space as you wish, no judgements! Even the background music, the speed and timbre of which are in perfect harmony with the suggestions. The music has the power to transition you from one visualization to the next, sometimes leaving you airborne just before catching you and leading you even deeper into regressed space. And when I listen to Au Piar Nicole all I want is to be fully regressed. I want to forget all about my manhood, forget my potty training, forget all about adult me, and just be little and enjoy being playful and silly.

    I prefer not to further divulge my more inward application of this guided experience, as it seems to align with more incoherent messages we could all anticipate from the retelling of a drug induced experience. However, I will say this: In your own personal journey through hypnosis, you always have the ability to choose and there is never just one choice. Don’t make Nicole your anchor, She is the guide. Figure some shit out and have a good time with this!

    On the other side, let’s just say that it has been extraordinarily peaceful and here on day two I’ve spent a lot of time just creating artwork that is not so concerned with obfuscating my childish and girlish tendencies. It feels good and refreshing. And I’m ready for another week. I’ve caught up on my chores and am looking forward to my stressful job and welcoming my family back. I love my life and I am comfortable with being male, but it’s like the ultimate pressure relief valve when I find time to be little, become Heather.

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