Baby Brain

Brand New for 2021!

This session begins with a nurturing and deeply regressive induction. After a quick diaper check, I take you down nice and deep before I begin to reprogram your mind with two layers of suggestions. The first increases your desire to be playful, encouraging you to lower your defensiveness, forgetting adult cares and concerns and just enjoying light layers of mental regression.

For the second layer of reprogramming, I take it much deeper, reinforcing the idea that you are nothing more than silly dumb smooth brained baby. I encourage you to indulge in all the things that babies do, allowing yourself to give in to your baby brain desires, to truly develop your baby brain potential.

This is not a role play. This is real mental conditioning and ABDL reprogramming.

♡ Nicole

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Price: $27.89 USD
Length: 30 minutes
Size: 36 MB
Format: MP3

One thought on “Baby Brain

  1. LilJennie says:

    I’ve listened to this file once now, and I like it – plenty of affirmations and suggestions for staying at least partly in regressed little space regardless of life’s ups and downs. I feel that it could help a lot with stress and staying in touch with my little side. Of course, it might also turn me into a complete baby forever, but wait, I’m already a baby. And it might make me wet myself uncontrollably, but I already wear diapers all the time anyway. So it’s win-win, really!

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