Babygirl Transformation

Brand New for 2021!

Hi sweetling. This is a special session, for very special babies only. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. I’ve been wanting to create a file just for my little boys who want to become little girls … Does that sound like you?

In this session the focus is all about wishes and transformations. I use the power of your own desires and my powerful suggestions to transform you, head to toe (or toe to head) into the softest, sweetest little baby girl anyone has ever seen. You are regressed all the way down to a newborn, literally reborn as a baby girl and then I allow you to age yourself up so you may enjoy the sensations of being a sweet diapered baby girl in the nursery. You will crave dollies and tea parties, wear pink dresses and love all the soft precious things that baby girls do. You will be the sweetest baby girl that anyone could ever hope for and you’ll forget all about those silly, boring grown up cares and concerns. They don’t matter anyway.

Includes descriptions of being diapered, bathed, powdered, treated like a baby, spoken to like a baby, transformed from a male into a female, amnesia, locking away memories, diaper wetting. There is no count up from trance allowing you to either fall asleep naturally or follow up with another recording of your choosing.

♡ Nicole

Digital Download Details
Price: $27.89 USD
Length: 30 minutes
Size: 33 MB
Format: MP3

2 thoughts on “Babygirl Transformation

  1. Princess says:

    Aww I love love love this one…. such a wonderful twisty tricky surprise…. I’m hung up on a few names that I seem to be attached too… Michelle, Emily, or Addison….

  2. Princess says:

    I has an basic idea for a file… I noticed that many people enjoy the baby powder shrinking videos…. perhaps you could twist something up with a baby powder trigger, like at the sent of it would make you pp or something??? I thought of the title powder of power or power of powder 🙂
    Love your everything

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