An Au Pair for Christmas

Hi little ones! Its been a few months since I’ve recorded anything and I know that for a lot of us the holidays are an incredibly stressful and trying time of year so hopefully this little session can offer you a respite from the pressures of being big for just a little while.

There’s no count up from the end of the session so you can listen to this as you’re going to bed if you like or follow it up with another session of your choosing. I use very open ended suggestions, allowing you to choose how deeply you regress so this is great for anyone who just wants to feel “little” whether that means being able to curl up with your favorite plushie for awhile and watch some cartoons or regressing down so deeply you need a diaper so you don’t wet the bed.

Looking forward to the new year with all of you and whatever adventures may come our way. Be safe and know that you are loved!

♡ Nicole

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3 thoughts on “An Au Pair for Christmas

  1. Princess says:

    Aww ☺️ good morning Miss Nicole I had the most wonderful experience with this one. It just felt so natural and put me at great ease. I quite enjoyed your soft yet over powering will to have me regress with out me even realizing how young an babish I found myself becoming…. not sure on the exact age but definitely a 🍼 young baby.

    I very much like the suggestion of creating new wonderful scenes with in my childhood memories. I found myself within a wonderfully perfect to every detail nursery. From The sent of soft lavender to the misty haze of the humidifier and the sparkling stars from the night light. I was firmly held in the arms of my Au pair being fed my midnight formula and being rather fussy I may add, when the nursery door slowly slides open, a silky shadow slides in. As I began to feel the slightest feeling of fright the shimmering figure comes into view. Only to reveal my lovely mommy, she is dressed ever so elegantly in a party dress that is softly sparkling from the stary nightlight. She has finally come home from her Christmas party to her sweet daughter… as I’m lovingly passed into her arms she places me on her shoulder to rub and pat my back I feel her hand supporting my diapered bottom as I feel a great surge of pressure release from her burping me I go limp. Feeling so safe and sound with in my mothers embrace, I can feel her swaying back an forth ever so soothing almost as if she was sliding in slow motion on a ballroom dance floor. She starts to sing hush lil baby ever so softly with her velvety voice lulling me to baby dreamland….

  2. abaprilshowers says:

    Love this so much, has been added to my Nicole night time play list. Just wonderfully relaxing and comforting.

  3. J says:

    Thank you for sharing your own holiday memories Nicole!

    When I was younger we sometimes went to my Uncles small farm for Christmas. I loved going eeling and seeing cows and horses, as a suburban kid those things were very special. My uncle also had several ride on lawn mowers which he let me and my cousins race around (at very slow speeds) which I remember being a lot of fun. Convincing older relatives to play backyard cricket (a game with a bat for you American folks) was a good time as well. I feel very lucky to have good memories of Christmas, I know not everyone has. I remember spending time with relatives more than toys (though I fondly remember a Beast Wars Inferno figure which I broke after a month).

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.


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