Hello, sweetheart! Welcome to your nursery. That’s right, darling. This is your nursery. And I am your au pair. My name is Nicole. I’m here to take care of you. Take your time, look around, explore and experience all there is to discover here. You may regress as deeply as you like and I will keep you safe for as long as you choose to stay.

So, what exactly is this place? What happens here anyway? Those are excellent questions and I’m glad you asked. The Nursery is a place for adults to come and experience mental age regression through hypnotic trance and guided meditation techniques. I’ve been studying hypnosis for over 15 years and became a licensed hypnotherapist in 2010. In 2016 I discovered ABDL and realized there was a need within the community for Care Givers like me. So here we are now.

The rules are as follows:

18+ only. While I do not combine sexual stimulation/gratification with “little space” or age regression hypnosis, this is still an adults only area of the internet.

No “adult” stuff. This includes masturbation, cuckolding, breastfeeding, etc. If sexual gratification or stimulation is something that you need from a Care Giver in your relationships, that’s fine but its not something I do here.

No scat (this includes loss of bowel control–please stop asking), blood, zoophilia, vomiting or snuff. If this is something you need while in little space, that is perfectly fine but there are other dommes who will give that to you.

Boundaries are important. Please respect mine.

I encourage you to subscribe to this site, join the community, leave comments and let me know what you’re looking for in future recordings. Let me know what you’re thinking. I don’t always reply but I do read everything. A lot of my best recordings have come directly from requests made by YOU! So, don’t be shy.

~ Nicole

33 thoughts on “Welcome!

    • American Au Pair says:

      Speech restrictions are one of my favorites. These are some really good ideas. I’ll keep this in mind. Thank you sweetie!

  1. Lily says:

    Glad to see the site is up and to hear of your plans for the new year~ As for ideas, maybe some ASMR audio files, or ones that could be used as backing for while sleeping in tandem with training files?

    • American Au Pair says:

      I *love* listening to ASMR but I feel so intimidated about making it with my two crazy animals. I’ll have to try to figure out a way to create a space where they don’t make so much noise. Or maybe include them somehow. lol Puppy and kitty ASMR! Hmm.

      • lilAmee (@LittleAmeeXO) says:

        Honestly the sounds of their collars jingling in the background has helped take me deeper

        It kind of sounds like the locking mittens and booties from SJ Shop

        So alot of the association lies there, it sounds like they are either been moved or focused on 😍

    • Nathan Churchwell says:

      I loved the lucid dream file I couldn’t believe how it made me feel like I was real baby so many colors and toys loved my crib in my dream it was amazing

  2. abaprilshowers says:

    Firstly, yaay glad you are back 🙂 I loved the velveteen rabbit, so more bedtime stories would be wonderful. Alice in Wonderland would be good 🙂

    I also really liked your hypnosis files that really took me way down like the brainwash file I found worked very well. File wise I liked how much you obviously care about little space and the relaxing way in which you guide us there 🙂

    Ooh a colouring book would be so much fun to create, enjoyed the interaction on your discord with your art and others.

    Honestly just a little bit overjoyed that you are creating again and to know you are safe and well 🙂

    Look forward to whatever comes of it.

    • American Au Pair says:

      Thank you! I needed a little break and time to think about what I wanted to do next.

      I do care, very much about all of you.I’m really glad you noticed that. Means a lot to me. I miss the Discord as well! I want to bring it back but I need to make sure if I do we can keep minors out and keep it fun and interactive. IDK. We’ll have to work on it maybe.

  3. J says:

    Glad you are back!

    I would love to see a files about soft toys (stuffies, plushies, teddies)! It could be a file where an au pair regressed some poor college boy or girl who came back from college by teasing them with there own childhood teddy bear.

    For myself I have an owl plushy which really helps put me in a little space when I hug it. A big plush toy that is almost as big as you really make me feel small and toddler-ish.

    Thanks for creating this site, looking forward to 2021 now more than ever!

  4. Flowstate says:

    Nice that we won’t have to miss you. I’d love some more hypnotic sessions especially focused on achieving goals such as becoming more babyish and maybe some helpful triggers and training to adjust behavior *idea immobilized for diaper changes * (also triggers that can be useful to partners and caregivers) . I’d would also love a session to involve lots of sweet voice baby talk ,praise and belittling. I love you’re sweet soft praising voice

  5. Quinn says:

    I’m kinda glad you’re stepping away from the “adult” stuff with your new files~ Honestly, sexual stuff takes me out of my little headspace.. I yearn for hypnosis to work for me, I’d love to *really* regress and have trouble with bigger words or big kid stuff like math, plus I have a mommy that I love very much and hearing someone else call themselves my mommy has always been a little off for me. I’d like to see more toddler-y content! Where the goal isnt to be a mindless totally helpless baby that can’t do anything but rather a slightly older toddler with a limited but more varied level of vocabulary, accident struggles instead of being totally incontinent.. I feel like it’s much more fun that way~

  6. Princess says:

    Omg! Can’t wait to experience your new content SOO EXCITED I GOTS THE WIGGLES! 🥰… I don’t wanna be rude, but umm are you implying that referring to you as mommy makes you uncomfortable? If so What should well we be referring to our most lovely favoritist lady now 😊???

    As for me I’d like to see some MP4 videos that take the experience to the next lvl of immersion, perhaps spirals and or visual aspects of the pertaining file, nursery/ Nurturing/ relaxing images… an if your comfortable I’m sure we would all love to se your lovely face or perhaps an avatar??? the sensory deprivation of your VR file really took me by surprise and to another lvl… personally I didn’t know I had a shrinking fetish until you touched on it I’d love to experience that aspect incorporated with forced age regression. Love love love any thing super girly soft an feminine 🥰

    Soo super excited 😜
    I hope you a have a wonderful holidays

    Much love and support

  7. Princess says:

    May I add a bit of really personal stuff… I was abused from 4-14 years old, and experience some abandonment issues from the mother figures throughout my life, I had 5 different step moms none trustworthy or stable thanks dad…but my deepest memories of my real mom are of her standing at the front door leaving in a yellow sun dress… as I wailed for her to not leave me… and yes I’m in therapy… so I feel I really crave what I didn’t get to experience or was denied, that stable unconditional love an affection, not sure if you could imply that foundation or something like that into your files… I flourish and are drawn to those overtly soft cuddly safe stable environments…

  8. bbpwdrgrl says:

    Bonjour Au Pair! Very grateful for your work over the past several years. And now to find you here?! I’m looking forward to what you foster with TTBL. I find my reprieve in hypnosis. You routinely provide a much needed space that I’m just not able to enjoy in waking life. As a father, as a partner who can’t seem to integrate my little fantasies into a healthy functional, mutually fulfilling sex-life…Finding time to regress, and become babyish, is almost supernatural at this point in life. Not to mention the expense of this lifestyle.

    What I mean to say is that I find your voice very absorbing and awaken from hypnotic sessions feeling satisfaction. Thank you.

    I’m wondering if you could create a file that entertains “dream-states?” I’ve awoken some days from the most exquisite diaper dreams, and its such a bummer I have trouble accessing that dream more regularly. It would be extraordinary to awaken in my dreams each night as a baby. Could hypnosis help with this?

    Thanks Again.

  9. American Au Pair says:

    I’m really glad you’re enjoying my files and hope you continue to do so, however forced and sexual scenarios cross my own personal boundaries. This isn’t that sort of space and I’m not that kind of domme.

  10. James Lloyd says:

    Hi Nicole Mommy ❤️ I would like to say you have a beautiful voice it reminds me of my mother she sing song about cow boy baby song .hear your voice may me feel like I was in your arms and being rock like a baby my new mommy song so sweet and of you love making me so happy and excited I just wanted to say thank you ❤️💕😘 it makes me feel like crying 😭 so beautiful voice love it.

    • American Au Pair says:

      Aw, thank you so much. I think I’ve only sung on one of my files so far but maybe I’ll have to do that again sometime if it comforts you!

  11. Christian Häuser says:

    I just wanted to say that I just love your work. It’s really nice to relax after a long day. And you taught me regression 👍, thank you for that.
    I just find that I think about your suggestions way to much. I don’t know if you could do file about it. I can’t imagine being the only one that finds it difficult to not think about something you want soooo much

  12. Dazzer says:

    Hi, Ma’am
    I brought and enjoyed many of your older files on your old site and am starting to enjoy your new ones again after a time away.
    I love that you now call yourself Au Pair and Nanny, it makes me listen and open myself to your voice far more while cuddling my stuffie pals as I relax (just my personal feeling, a nanny encourages you, while you belong to a mummy/daddy)

  13. Lil Jen says:

    I recently got to hear your Velveteen Rabbit story enjoyed it very much. I have trouble falling n staying asleep enjoy listening to your voice which is comforting like to encourage you to do more books please

  14. Dee says:

    I’m interested in getting in contact with you. I love that you use hypnosis as part of your little time! How can I get ahold of you?

  15. Scott Thomas Hoenle says:

    Hello. I cannot afford a custom audio, but a follow up to “girlfriend to governess” would be an instant purchase 🙂

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