Hello, sweetheart! Welcome to your nursery. That’s right, darling. This is your nursery. And I am your au pair. My name is Nicole. I’m here to take care of you. Take your time, look around, explore and experience all there is to discover here. You may regress as deeply as you like and I will keep you safe for as long as you choose to stay.

So, what exactly is this place? What happens here anyway? Those are excellent questions and I’m glad you asked. The Nursery is a place for adults to come and experience mental age regression through hypnotic trance and guided meditation techniques. I’ve been studying hypnosis for over 15 years and became a licensed hypnotherapist in 2010. In 2016 I discovered ABDL and realized there was a need within the community for Care Givers like me. So here we are now.

The rules are as follows:

18+ only. While I do not combine sexual stimulation/gratification with “little space” or age regression hypnosis, this is still an adults only area of the internet. You will need to be 18+ to purchase the content so please be 18+ when you interact.

No “adult” stuff. This includes masturbation, cuckolding, breastfeeding, etc. If sexual gratification or stimulation is something that you need from a Care Giver in your relationships, that’s fine but its not something I do here.

No scat (this includes loss of bowel control–please stop asking), blood, zoophilia, vomiting or snuff. If this is something you need while in little space, that is perfectly fine but there are other dommes who will give that to you.

Also, you may notice … I’m no longer going by Mommy. Why?! Well, there are a lot of reasons for this. One big reason is that the majority of payment processors online are quietly deleting the term from their sites altogether.

Another reason is that a lot of my little ones have expressed discomfort with me using that title for me because many of you have your own personal relationships with women in your own lives and you don’t necessarily need or want me to fulfill that role. I am quite comfortably with the idea of being a Care Giver without necessarily being a Mommy, so I am making the switch to Nanny and/or Au Pair in future recordings.

I encourage you to subscribe to this site, join the community, leave comments and let me know what you’re looking for in future recordings. Let me know what you’re thinking. I don’t always reply but I do read everything. A lot of my best recordings have come directly from requests made by YOU! So, don’t be shy.

~ Nicole